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I offer a special rate for shorter student projects, such as assignments, essays, term papers, and even short stories. Bookings for these kinds of projects can fill up quickly, especially near end-of-term, so remember to give yourself enough time before your deadline!


This edit focuses on the writing aspects that affect how well your assignment reads. This includes writing clarity, topic focus and transitions, vocabulary, tone, and sentence structure. After my review, I will provide my in-line recommendations directly in the provided document, as well as a few pages outlining my suggested changes. Generally speaking, a Stylistic Edit takes at least 2 business days.

2.5 cents/word


This edit is that one, final check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and correct word usage before an assignment gets handed in. Canadian spelling and grammar standards are the default, but your preferred standards will be confirmed before we begin. I will make my in-line recommendations directly in the provided document. Generally speaking, a Proofread takes at least 2 business days.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not responsible for fact-checking, sources, or citations, nor will I cross-reference quotes for accuracy and check for signs of plagiarism. That is your responsibility as a student and researcher.

1.5 cents/word

These two services are commonly combined. Sign up for both for a discounted rate of 3.5 cents/word


Express Services? Yes!

We've all done it—put off completing a project until the very last minute. For editing that needs to be completed within 48 hours or over a weekend, Query Me with the subject line"Express Services Needed." I'll get back to you as soon as I can, and we'll see if we can arrange something that will meet your needs.


I charge an additional 25% of my standard rate (to a total of 3.1 cents/word for a Stylistic Edit and 1.9 cents/word for a Proofread) for express turn-around times. Bookings are limited and subject to availability.

Book Ahead

Know when you have a project due in the future? Book Now with your estimated length, delivery date (when you'll get the project to me), and desired completion date (when you need the edit completed by) to guarantee your spot. It's that easy!

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