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Whether you are preparing your manuscript for submission to publishers, are planning on self-publishing, or even if you have written a story and don't know where to go next, I can help.

Which Editing Services Do I Need?

That's always the big question. Are you looking to...

A Stylistic Edit is the most common edit sought by authors looking to traditionally publish. The more refined your writing is, the more likely you are to catch an agent or publisher's eye.

Traditionally Publish

With an Agent and/or Publisher

If a novel has not been thoroughly work-shopped, a Structural Edit can be quite beneficial, since publishers rarely have the resources to take on promising manuscripts that still need significant structural changes.

Still unsure what your book needs? Get a Manuscript Evaluation and receive a discount on your chosen edit.

At the submissions stage? Then you may find my

Query Letter service useful!

It is highly recommended for self-publishing authors to treat their manuscript to the same standard of editing as professional publishers:

Self Publish

On Your Own or With a Self/Hybrid Publisher

Structural Edit to perfect aspects of plot, character, and theme in your chapters and scenes; a Stylistic Edit to refine dialogue, description, and narration in your paragraphs and sentences; and a final Copy Edit to catch spelling, grammar, and errors in consistency.

Even if you are publishing for a small, personal audience, a Copy Edit is recommended—the last thing you want is to pay for everything to be laid out, typeset, or even printed before discovering typos that need to be fixed.

Manuscript Evaluation

$5/1,000 words

In a Manuscript Evaluation, I review your story and provide you with a report (usually around 10 pages for a novel-length work) that examines its intended genre and audience, marketability, and where it is on the road to publication. Specifically, we shall identify your writing's unique strengths, how to use them to overcome any comparative weaknesses, and where best to focus your time and effort in further developing your story. An Evaluation can be done on either a complete or incomplete manuscript. 

Manuscript Evaluation

Structural Edit

The first step in the traditional editing process, a structural edit is the broadest form of edit. It examines your story on a structural level, and is of the most benefit to those authors willing to get very hands-on with the improvement of their manuscript.



Affects: plot, character arcs, theme, tone, and scenes.

$20/1,000 Word

Stylistic Edit

Considered the most in-depth of the traditional editing process, a stylistic edit focuses on how your writing is read and understood. It involves examining the words, sentences, and paragraphs that make up your story and is of the most benefit to authors looking for a line-by-line review of their manuscript to improve the reading experience.



Affects: dialogue, description, narration, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

$25/1,000 Word

Structual Edit
Stylistic Edit

Copy Edit

A final, careful review of a manuscript before it is ready for publication, a Copy Edit is the last stage in the traditional editing process. It involves a word-by-word examination of your manuscript and is of the most benefit to authors looking to ensure their language use is as consistent and accurate as possible. 



Affects: spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Basic fact-checking is included.

$15/1,000 Word

Combinations and Add-ons

Copy Edit

Manuscript Evaluations

Start with a Manuscript Evaluation to identify your editing needs, and receive $200 off your chosen form of edit.

Need more than one edit? No problem! Combine two or more services for one combo price.

Common Options

Ready for Submission:

Structural and Stylistic Edit - $40/1,000 Words

Refined and Polished:

Stylistic and Copy Edit - $35/1,000 Words

The Works:

Structural, Stylistic, and Copy Edit, plus basic Evaluation - $50/1,000 Words

Combine It!

Query Letters

Authors looking to traditionally publish need to learn the art of the query. Together we'll create a query letter template that suits your novel. Add on to any edit for $100.

Combine or Add-on Services for a Bundle Price

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