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Pre-Publication Editing Services

Most of the editing I undertake is intended to prepare a manuscript for print, often with traditional book publishers.

I am trained to the standards of the Editor's Association of Canada, and as such my approach involves collaborating directly with authors.

Although I specialize in genre fiction, I accept all types of fiction projects and most forms of non-fiction.

I like to remain adaptable to unique job requirements, timelines, and recurring projects, so

Query Me

if you have something beyond my standard offerings or rates.

Structural Edit

Recommending the addition, removal, or rearranging of content as needed to suit a manuscript's intended audience and purpose.

$20/1,000 word

Structural editing starts with a discussion with the author (sometimes the publisher or managing editor as well) about the intended direction of the manuscript.


I will make my recommendations first for those aspects that will affect the manuscript as a whole (plot arcs, character development, order of events, etc.), after which we will move on to more localized areas of structural improvement (structure of chapters and specific scenes, story tone, etc.).

Recommended changes, examples, and queries will be provided in-text using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature (or equivalent program), as well as a document addressing points of discussion. I am available after the completed edit should the author or copy editor have any outstanding questions.

Stylistic Edit

Recommending changes to existing content to improve how it is read, perceived, and understood.

$25/1,000 word

A stylistic edit addresses the larger elements of style, such as dialogue, description, narration, and how they are applied, as well as the more technical aspects that affect how the writing is read, such as sentence structure and vocabulary usage. My recommended changes and examples will be provided in-text using MS Word's Track Changes (or equivalent); a document addressing points of discussion will also be supplied.

The author will have the opportunity to apply their desired revisions, after which I will be available should the author have any outstanding questions. If my assistance is required for creating a style sheet specific to the book for the copy editor (name/location spellings, character details, etc.), then I need to be informed when the project begins.

Copy Edit

A technical review to ensure that the English language is used correctly and consistently throughout the manuscript.

$15/1,000 word

A final, careful review of the manuscript before typesetting, a copy edit is meant to ensure both accuracy and consistency. Corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic fact-checking will be provided in-text using MS Word's Track Changes feature (or equivalent). I will query where required with my recommendation in instances where a fact needs to be verified or the ideal solution is unclear.

A style sheet will be requested of the publisher before we begin to ensure consistent use of numbers, alternate spellings, language preferences, citations, and so forth.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a reference editor. Although I can ensure citations are used consistently to a common reference standard (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), I do not have the resources to cross-reference quotes, verify source information, confirm accurate page numbers, and so on.

I am happy to provide free Sample Edits upon request, as well as examples of past work.

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